About us

Ville's history - 60 years in a nutshell

The brothers L.P. Ville and I.J.M. Ville joined forces in 1955, thus laying the foundations for today’s company. We moved no less than four times over the years, acquiring various companies along the way, which yielded appreciable synergy effects. We converted the general partnership Gebroeders Ville VOF into a private limited company in 1975. Rien Kranendonk, the current director, was appointed in 1978 and then there was no holding us back.

We settled in our current premises on Handelstraat in 1980 and the separate stainless steel department was founded in 1990. The acquisition of the much coveted NEN-ISO 9001 certificate in 1991 was an important event in our company’s development. All these milestones have led to what we are today: Ville Machine construction and Ville Metal industry. All-round, enthusiastic metalworkers. At your service!


And what do we do, you might be wondering. At Ville, you are at the right address for the following:
> metalworking
> equipment construction
> pipework
> work on a cost-plus basis/assembly work
> engineering
Our separate stainless steel department allows us to specialise in products and equipment for the food, dairy and shipping industries. We are also the preferred manufacturer for many companies in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Ville also produces specialties such as aluminium gutters, engineering structures and stainless steel staircases and handrails. In other words... we make anything in steel, stainless steel and aluminium. With us as your partner, your wishes become our challenges. Please call us for a no-obligation offer!


Work placement company

Ville already has very many success stories to its name when it comes to supervising and guiding young talent. As a Kenteq-recognised work placement company, we have a lot to offer the young generation of metalworkers and we are committed to passing on our expertise and enthusiasm for the profession.