Metal cutting stems from the period before the laser cutting machine, but in some cases it is still the right solution. Ville cuts INOX, steel or aluminium using the StafanDarley hydraulic guillotine shears. In order to form rectangular shapes, cutting is the quickest technique. Our CNC-controlled guillotine shears have a maximum sheet capacity of 3 metres wide, with a thickness up to 15 mm in steel and 8 mm in INOX. The machine is utterly precise and accurate and has a high capacity. Whether it concerns fine sheet metal, large or small series or various types of steel, Ville will cut it.



Process Description Capacity
Cutting Guillotine shears 3,000 x 6 mm
    4,000 x 8 mm
    4,000 x 15 mm


Why cutting instead of laser cutting?

Using two large shearing blades, the sheets are cut to size. This is a simple and quick process, as long as easy shapes are concerned. The laser cutter makes room for the cutting shears, as soon as it is about a very simple cut of a metal. In case of more complex moulds to be reached, the laser cutting machine is the better option. Our professional team of work planners thus meticulously studies every new request, to come up with a suitable proposal – depending on a number of different factors.

More information about cutting?

Do you want to have a sheet cut to size? Contact us and receive a suitable proposition!


All our stainless steel and aluminium processing takes place in the Ville Machine construction hall.
All our steel processing takes place in the Ville Metal industry hall.