Mission, vision and ambition

We are always motivated to find the right match. Whether you are looking for work or looking for the right people for your organization. We love to bring employers and employees together and to build up a mutual trust. It is a substantive expertise and knowledge of the industry is not enough. We are convinced that people can make a difference. Successful companies draw the right concerned and motivated people, they keep them on board and take good care of them.

Our client, an employee or an employer is central. It’s not only about what we all have. What drives us is especially what our customers need and who can help our customers fulfil this need. We are always looking everywhere for the ideal match, professionally and personally.

Bringing people together is our mission. The foundation of Duijndam Uitzendgroep is strong. Since 1997 many daily temps are successfully placed at our clients and we are still doing that every day. That’s our passion.

Supply and demand from flex work varies with the years: by period, by sector, by function group and by education level. The supply and demand depends on economic and demographic trends and time value. What always applies, is good and motivated employees. They are valuable for organizations and companies. Your employees can maybe be the critical success factor for your company. Satisfied and enthusiastic staff creates a good atmosphere, they are more productive and deliver better results. ‘Nice work’ is also an important factor in the regard of an employee. An employee works his best when he gives a 100%. Completing that expectation is something we would like to make true.

In the recent years, Duijndam Uitzendgroep has been growing significantly, despite the challenging economic crisis. More and more clients and job seekers, come from different branches and professions, and are finding their way to us. Our ambition for the coming years is to manage the evolvement as good as we can. A growing need for flexibility in staff and finding the right employees, provide every opportunity for this. Our organization and staff are ready for you. What about you?