Ville effortlessly folds any type of material, such as INOX, steel and aluminium, by bevelling or bending it. Using three (CNC) sheet benders in separate production halls for steel and INOX, we can effortlessly fold any piece of sheet material up to a length of no less than 4 metres, with a thickness of 12 millimetres. We can easily bevel very complex orders in just one go.



Process Description Capacity
Press braking Press braking 3,100 mm - 150 tonnes
    4,000 mm - 220 tonnes
    4,000 mm - 240 tonnes
    4,000 mm - 300 tonnes (working width 800 mm)


How does bending and bevelling work?

At INOX bevelling, we create a corner or fold in a sheet by means of a sheet bender. These operations are often essential to create a solid end product. Usually, right angles are made during bevelling, but also the radius may go round-on-round or round-on-square, due to multiple bending. Ville bends small, but also quite large sheet, by use of vacuum lifters and overhead cranes.

Smart bending/bevelling

The smart bevelling of (sub)assemblies is crucial for the minimising of material use. Our engineers are familiar with our material and machine pool and manage to carry out every assignment as smartly as possible. What they focus on? Efficient use of material and costs. By use of smart engineering it is ensured that the right proportion of the bending and welding joints lead to a stronger and more solid end product. And this is done with minimal welding work and material usage.

More information about bending?

Are you interested in the possibilities of bending of metal products? Contact us and we will see to a suitable quotation! Feel free to call us for more information.


All our stainless steel and aluminium processing takes place in the Ville Machine construction hall.
All our steel processing takes place in the Ville Metal industry hall.