Cooperation of more than 30 years!

Lindor develops, produces and sells mixers for dry breakable products. The development of the mixers takes place in Dordrecht, where the engineering department takes care of processing customer-specific wishes in production drawings. Lindor is also involved in production, but for laser cutting, bending and rolling, the company has been outsouring to Ville for years.

“We are originally a machining factory, Ville carries out all kinds of metal processing that we do not have in-house”, says Akko van der Lee (Manager Engineering). The collaboration goes back to 1990, when the gentle touch mixer was introduced. Before that it was a machining factory, where only turning and milling work was performed for third parties. But because these orders were often very impulsive and not constant, the company made an efficient move by using the capacity of the production machines to make their own product.

Mixers already existed at that time, but as sophisticated as how Lindor develops them today, they did not yet exist. And the company still has few competitors. The milling and turning work is carried out by the company itself. But rolling, laser cutting and setting are outsourced to Ville. “Ville is a partner that thinks along with you, with knowledge of production technology. Even if it means that there will be less work for them, the company thinks along.” The largest mixing drums were fully welded in Strijen for years, but when Lindor's new production manager decided to start welding these devices himself, Ville helped them set up the production. “At first, those guys didn't even think about building these big units themselves, but in the end they did it anyway! (Rien Kranendonk, Ville).

Ville is also regularly involved in product development. “If we see that something can be made smarter, we will. At Ville, we go for quality and long-term relationships, not short-term sales” (says Rien). Lindor once devised a pull-out system to simplify cleaning the inlet and outlet of the mixers, which is very important for food safety. “We made a system of solid blank strip and tubes, that did the job. But it was difficult to mill and expensive to make.” (Akko van der Lee). The real product development was done together with Ville. A product was developed consisting of 1 bent lasered plate. A big improvement in looks and production time. “We were able to reduce the cost price by a third, and we thought about recesses where we could easily weld” (Rien Kranendonk).

The Lindor gentle touch technology has been developed for mixing and processing fine powders, granules and natural products. The success of their mixers lies in letting the product run freely, without friction or segregation. The system uses natural gravity for gentle mixing of the product. Production takes place in Dordrecht, where Lindor is located. Ville supplies with rolled, set and lasered semi-finished products. The secret behind this more than 30-year relationship? Flexibility, thinking along with the customer about product and production and, of course, delivering consistent quality.

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