The plate rolling of sheet material is excellently suitable for the manufacture of silos, tanks and cauldrons. But also, in combination with bevelling/bending, the most complex troughs can be produced. For the conversion of metal via bending we use various types of rolling. With our 5 rolling machines varying in size from 1,000 to 4,000 mm length, with different top rolls, we process steel, INOX and aluminium. We have machines that have a capacity to bend sheets with a length of up to 4 metres, in different ways.



Process Description Capacity
Rolling Plate rolling mill 3-roll mill - 1,000 x 3 mm
    4-roll mill - 1,250 x 4 mm
    3-roll mill - 2,000 x 6 mm
    3-roll mill - 3,600 x 8 mm
    4-roll mill - 4,000 x 12 mm


How does rolling work?

During the rolling of sheet material, like INOX, steel and aluminium, a straight sheet is positioned into the rolling machine. This sheet will end up in the machine between a number of rolls. By means of correct setting of the height of the rolls, the rounding of the sheet is determined. This way, we can fulfil every wish, and create not only round, but also corrugated and oval shapes. 

Options at Ville

Ville has 5 rolling machines, that we can roll very easy sheets with, up to a thickness of 12 mm. Our largest rolling machine is the 4 rolls roller that is able to bend sheets with a width of up to 4 metres, in different ways. Also conical rolling is a piece of cake for us. Your rolled sheet can be weld-finished, processed and also treated. The surface finishing and treatment by Ville can be beneficial to the appearance as well as to the functionality of a product. Deburring and removing sharp edges is obvious in this case. 

More information about rolling?

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All our stainless steel and aluminium processing takes place in the Ville Machine construction hall.
All our steel processing takes place in the Ville Metal industry hall.