Sponsoring & Partnerships

Duijndam Uitzendgroep supports and promotes cultural, sporting, and social events and activities in various ways. Making a valuable contribution to society is a major driver in this context.

World Horti Center

The World Horti Center is the number one knowledge and innovation centre for the international greenhouse cultivation sector. A leading platform where businesses, education, research and government innovate, connect, create, and inspire together. In the video below we tell you why we believe in the Word Horti Center and what our wish for the future is.

Profronde Westland

The Profronde Westland (“Westland cycle race for professionals”) is the region’s largest free cycling event featuring big names from, among others, the Tour de France. Every year, this event is watched by approximately 30,000 to 40,000 visitors. As the start and finish are right in front of our head office, it goes without saying that we are part of this sporting event as one of its principal sponsors.


Waterpop is a free festival that annually takes place in the Hofpark in Wateringen. In addition to musical performances, Waterpop offers its visitors street theatre acts, a festival market, and a range of children’s activities. We have been a (principal) sponsor of this event for many years. Thanks to all volunteers and sponsors, Waterpop can remain freely accessible for everyone.

Het Varend Corso Westland

Het Varend Corso Westland (“the Sailing Westland Parade”) is an annually recurring event starring flowers, plants, and vegetables. The parade sails, among others, across the Westland region, through Schipluiden, Maassluis, The Hague, Delft, and Vlaardingen. Het Varend Corso aims to show as many people as possible what the Westland has to offer and which lovely and healthy products are grown in the Westland greenhouses. We are happy to do our bit by sponsoring the parade boats of Kwintsheul and Wateringen.

InterWateringen Business Association

Duijndam is a member of the InterWateringen Business Association (“Bedrijven Vereniging InterWateringen”, BVIW), a dynamic group of entrepreneurs established in Wateringen or Kwintsheul. The BIVW entrepreneurs are active in various sectors, its members acting at management level. This diversity results in an interesting platform offering possibilities for seizing opportunities and facing challenges.

Sports clubs

We like to support sports clubs by sponsoring them. For example, we have sponsored several football and volleyball teams of Wateringen-based Velo for many years, and we are a sponsor of the B1 team of korfball association de Weidevogels from Bleiswijk.