Metal processing, machine construction or equipment construction?

Ville is the right place to go! We relieve you in the area of metal processing, but if desired, we will finish your product completely assembled. More and more customers outsource the entire production, from engineering to installation on location. We will get to work with the most complex engineering issues and have the capacity and know-how to start production of approved design on short notice. Our R&D department works on (re)development of new and existing machines on a daily basis. This way, we have meanwhile created a large number of success stories, for our valued customers and own labels Unifortes, Halk and Construction company Ville.


Engineering in 3D

Our team is innovative and has the necessary knowledge and experience in engineering. They work based on a drawing provided, but can also take the entire design phase off your hands and think along about your new product to be designed. Using advanced 3D-software, they shape the product entirely in accordance with your specifications. Our engineers are aware of the latest trends in the area of product development, our material and machine pool, and are thus perfectly capable of producing your product as efficiently as possible, based on the latest developments. Determining the sheet mould is an important aspect here, in order to mitigate loss of material.


Production phase

Is the 3D-design entirely as you wish? Then our production division will set to work, a prototype – or and end product directly - will follow. We supply sheet material, semi-finished products, but also entirely assembled products in all metal types. Using our modern machine park, we are able to quickly and efficiently start working on virtually any customer request. Our team service technicians will install your machine on location, if desired.



The main operations are known, as metal workers this means discussing laser cutting, rolling, bevelling and welding. Ville offers various operations, which are: sawing, drilling, tapping, grinding and assembly. It is the metal operations that are usually implemented in combination with other operations, but they can also be offered as individual service.


More information about our services? Contact one of our work planners, they will be happy to serve you!