About us

This is our story

We are Ville. Our family-run business has known metal for more than sixty years. We engineer, process, produce and assemble. To subsequently deliver the products and semi-finished products to the customer’s location and in some cases even install it. 

Our strength is connecting, connecting people and of course metal. Because that is what we do. Connecting metal to semi-finished product or complete equipment. We know the best way to do that, with a view to people and the environment. This way, our customers get what they want: relief and quality. We do this by being flexible, towards each other, but also towards situations. 
Whom do we do it for? 
For our well-valued customers. Ville help companies of any size to work more efficiently by functioning as a one-stop-shop for all sheet processing in INOX, steel and aluminium. We serve companies from various sectors, including machine construction, foodstuffs industry, dairy industry and shipping industry. In addition, we are producers for an important part of the (petro)chemical industry. But we are also familiar with specialisations like aluminium cast parts, art works, stainless steel platforms, stairs and railings. 

Our history

In 1955, brothers L.P. Ville and I.J.M. Ville joined forces, as such, laying the basis for the current company. In 1975, we transformed the Brothers Ville partnership firm into a private company. In the years after, we move no less than four times and take over a number of companies, which resulted in a noticeable synergy-effect. In 1980, we settled ourselves down in the present Handelstraat, and in 1990, the separate INOX-division was established there. 
After having joined us in 1978, Rien Kranendonk takes over control in 1999, as general manager of Ville. With the takeover of Halk weegwerktuigen (weighing instruments) in 2003 and the founding of Unifortes in 2011 and Construction company Ville in 2012, things are accelerated. The company and its staff have grown exponentially. In 2017, the company literally becomes too big and a company in the vicinity is bought for additional office and workspace. Unifortes and Halk move to Handelstraat 2. 

Our present day

All these milestones have resulted into what Ville is today; a group of technical companies. With a mother company that has grown into a one-stop-shop for all sheet processing in INOX, steel and aluminium. Customers can turn to Ville for a metal sheet or semi-finished product, but also for complete engineering, composition and installation of complete machines. 

Our future

Working safely towards a sustainable future. As a typical Dutch company, close to Rotterdam, our motto is: “Stop whining and get to work” and also “Don’t be a fool, just keep it cool”. We have great ambitions, yet keep our down to earth mentality. We do however commit to the future, which the reuse of materials and our 1634 solar panels are examples of. We work safely and healthy, and take different measures to make the work as attractive as possible for our staff.