Ville is able to offer different options in the area of welding. TIG MIG/MAG stud and spot welding of INOX, steel and aluminium is among the typical actions for our professionals. Our welders exercise high accuracy when working on small weld constructions, semi-finished products and entire end products. Depending on the product, we make use of welding with or without added material, which could, in some cases, largely affect the end result: the weld. If desired, we deliver the product powder coated, blasted, stained or fully assembled.



Process Description
Welding CO2
  MIG (Metal Inert Gas)
  Pulse MIG
  Argon arc


Separate production division INOX and steel

We work from different production divisions for steel and INOX, we keep them strictly separate. If our customers order non-ferro, that is what they will get. We prevent the occurrence of contamination corrosion. Non-ferro products will only come in contact with other non-ferro products and machines. This way, INOX will genuinely remain stainless.

Welding method

The perfect welding method always depends on the type of material and the type of construction. TIG-welding is usually implemented for aluminium and INOX, and ensures accurate and sleek welding joints. MIG/MAG is often applied for steel and serial welding actions, it is a somewhat quicker way of welding. Welding, both TIG and MIG/MAG, is genuine craftsmanship, starting with good preparation. That preparation is done during the prior process, for example the bevelling, but also the drawing. With proper instruction, the welder can read how to fix the weld. Smart bending/bevelling of constructions sometimes requires less welding.

More information about welding?

Are you interested in the possibility of welding of all types of metal? We will be happy to give you more information, and send a quotation.


All our stainless steel and aluminium processing takes place in the Ville Machine construction hall.
All our steel processing takes place in the Ville Metal industry hall.