Frequently Asked Questions

I am a job-applicant and I would like to register. What should I do?

Visit our site: Duijndam Space via this link and create your own account. This keeps you up to date with the latest vacancies and you can apply at the touch of a button.

What are the possibilities of a Duijndam Space account?

Expeditiously apply for all our vacancies;
Create a job email, so that you receive the latest vacancies in your mail;
Supplement your personal data, education and work experience;
Upload you CV;
View your personal documents.

I am having problems logging in to Duijndam Space. What now?

If you are having problems logging into Duijndam Space, first create a new password and try again. You can request for new login details via ‘Forgot you password?’’ in Duijndam Space. If this does not work, please contact us by telephone.

I have seen an interesting vacancy on your website. How does the application process work?

You can apply by creating an account on Duijndam Space. You can respond quickly and easily to interesting vacancies. You can also send an e-mail to , with your CV and motivation letter. Within 2 workdays you will receive a response to your application.

I have sent my application, but have not yet received a response from you.

If you have applied, you will automatically receive a message from us that we have received your application. Did you not receive this message? Then something could have gone wrong in the process of you sending your application. We will respond to your application within 2 working days. Note: e-mails can be seen as spam. Do not forget to look at your junk e-mail.

Where can I find my contract?

Your contract can be found in Plan4Flex mobile app.

I have lost my login details of the flex portal ( What should I do?

If you have lost your login details of your Flex Portal, you can send an e-mail to We will then send you new login details by e-mail. Note: the request must be made from the e-mail address known to us.

When will the compensation take place?

We pay weekly on Wednesday. Any correction on the remuneration will be carried out the following Thursday after 15:00.

Where can I find my payslip and annual statements?

You have access to your payslips via the flex portal ( and via Plan4Flex. Your annual statements can be found in the flex portal.

If you lost your login data for flex portal, you can send a message via Plan4Flex app. We will send you a new login details by e-mail.

How can I request vacation days/leave?

You collect your vacation days if you work through our agency. If you want to take vacation days, please discuss it in advance with the client. As soon as your vacation days are approved, you can submit your vacation days via the Plan4Flex mobile app. Your vacation days should be reported no later than Friday in the week preceding the planned holiday. Longer leave must be requested at least 2 weeks in advance.

I am sick. What should I do?

In the event of illness, you must report yourself personally sick to the Temporary Employment Agency and the Client as soon as possible, at least before 8.30 am on the first day of absence. For sick reports, we can be contacted via telephone Monday through Friday from 5am. For any other cases, we are available Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 17:30am. We do not process sickness reports via e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS. You can read everything about reporting being sick in the absence protocol, which is a part of our personnel guide.